The role of aquaculture butlers in aquaculture in aquaculture

Industrial aquaculture is a farming system established using modern facilities, equipment and control technology. The aquaculture water is recycled through the system's treatment, and the dissolved oxygen consumed is constantly replenished by the oxygen-increasing equipment so that the cultured organisms can grow normally. In factory culture, the breeding density of water bodies per unit is an important indicator for evaluating the efficiency of the farming system. The higher the farming density, the higher the yield, and the higher the system utilization and the investment efficiency per unit of production. Studies have shown that the breeding density is closely related to the oxygenation system. Under the conditions of air aeration, the culture density of the factory culture system is 30 to 50 kg·m-3. Under the conditions of pure oxygen and oxygen, the breeding density can be achieved. 100kg・m-3 or more. Therefore, under the industrialized high-density aquaculture model, increasing the solution oxygen in the aquaculture water efficiently is the precondition and key to ensure the normal growth of the fish, and it is also an effective way to increase the efficiency of the system of the factory facilities and increase the economic benefits. Aquaculture stewards are widely used for monitoring during aquaculture.

The industrialized fish farming system mainly supplements the oxygen in the aquaculture water body with a high dissolved oxygen content or makes the water contact with the air continuously through mechanical equipment. Due to different aerobic methods, in addition to a large difference in the power efficiency, the oxygen utilization rate, the oxygen increase rate, and the generated flow state are all greatly different, and the fish adaptability to the farmed fish and the convenience of the sewage discharge are very different. , as well as the density of water in the unit of aquaculture, will have an impact. Researching oxygen-enhanced technologies to increase oxygenation efficiency and oxygen utilization rate has made factory-scaled oxygen-enhanced equipments adaptable to a wide range, which facilitates the discharge of pollutants, facilitates maintenance, and is the key to the current research.

In recent years, through the monitoring of aquaculture butlers, the area of ​​aquaculture has been continuously expanding, the yield per unit area has been continuously improved, the structure has been continuously adjusted, and the area of ​​conventional fish culture such as grasses, oysters, oysters, oysters has steadily declined. The proportion of aquaculture continues to increase, and in this context, mechanical aeration technology has also shown new trends.

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