The situation facing the development of China's plutonium industry

Overall, we present, China's antimony industry development is faced with the following three aspects of the situation.

The first is the tight supply of raw materials at home and abroad. China's main antimony mines have entered the post-exploitation stage through years of mining, the mining difficulty is increasing, and the production cost is correspondingly increased, resulting in a decrease in the production of antimony concentrate. In recent years, there have been no new mines found and mined in China. It is still these old mines that currently supply a large amount of antimony raw materials to the market. For example, Hunan, Guangxi, and Yunnan, which have the largest production of antimony ore in China, have seen a decline in the output of antimony ore in the past two years. In order to meet the domestic smelting capacity, a large amount of antimony ore is imported from abroad every year. Domestic raw material supply has shown a state of tightness for many years.

From the perspective of foreign supply situation, the output of foreign antimony ore has declined, which has aggravated the shortage of raw materials. In recent years, the production of antimony mines in Russia, Bolivia, South Africa and other countries is still at a low level, especially in Russia. Although countries such as Australia, Canada and Myanmar have new capacity, they have not yet formed production capacity.

Secondly, the price drop caused serious losses in the production enterprises. Due to the irrational decline in the price of the price since the fourth quarter of 2008, the domestic price of plutonium fell from RMB 43,000/ton to RMB 22,000/ton. The price of international antimony ingot fell all the way and fell to the lowest point of USD 4000-4200 twice. /Ton. See Figure 1, the domestic 1# price curve from 2006 to 2010.

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