The State Administration for Industry and Commerce informed Red Shield to protect agricultural production and ensure agricultural production

In order to conscientiously implement the decision-making arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, and the spirit of the “Emergency Circular of the General Office of the State Council on Doing a Good Job on Current Coal-Gas-Oil, Gas-Opportated Transportation, and Agricultural Supply Support,” Zhou Bohua’s implementation of the persistent earthquake relief efforts when he visited Sichuan’s disaster-hit areas was effectively implemented. The requirement of no-relaxation and promotion of economic development must not be shaken. On June 3, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce sent an emergency notice to the whole system, requesting that the Red Shield should further increase its efforts in protecting farmers, strictly investigate and prosecute illegal production and sale of counterfeit agricultural materials, and further strengthen agriculture. Capital market supervision, effectively safeguarding the interests of farmers and ensuring the smooth progress of agricultural production.
At present, due to factors such as rapid growth in domestic demand and continued rising prices in the international market, the supply of coal, diesel, and electricity in some regions has experienced varying degrees of tension, leading to continued high prices of fertilizers and other agricultural materials and continuing to rise. Big stress. The notice requires that administrative authorities at all levels of industry and commerce should further enhance their political awareness, overall awareness, and sense of responsibility. They must persist in resisting earthquakes and relief, and must not waver in promoting economic development. They must strive to unify supervision and development, service, human rights protection, and law enforcement. To carry out the Red Shield to protect farmers and strengthen supervision of the agricultural capital market as the most important task at present.
It is necessary to further strengthen law enforcement and severely investigate and deal with cases involving pit culprits and farmers who violated the law. Highlight key areas, focus on the main areas of agricultural production, main areas of agricultural capital, and areas with high incidence of agricultural capital; focus on key varieties, and apply nitrogen, phosphorus, potash, urea, compound fertilizer, and compound fertilizers to agricultural production. Agricultural resources are the focus of inspections; major cases are highlighted, and cases that have a large impact and are seriously endangering agricultural production are taken as the key points, and the behaviors of producing and selling counterfeit and inferior agricultural resources pits for agricultural and agricultural use are severely investigated to ensure the safety of agricultural materials consumption.
It is necessary to increase the investigation and handling of false advertising, crack down on the production and distribution of false agricultural materials and advertisements, and encourage and support well-established and large-scale agricultural capital enterprises to carry out agricultural capital chain operations in rural areas, and further promote the sale of agricultural materials and agricultural products. The agricultural resources chain stores combined with technical guidance will encourage and guide the agricultural resource managers to actively establish the agricultural resources management and relief stores so that the peasants can buy the assured agricultural resources.
It is necessary to give full play to the role of the 12315 complaints and reporting network, actively explore the mode of “one stop and two stops” for the maintenance of agricultural resources, expand the rights protection service network, facilitate the peasants' complaints about rights protection, and improve the mechanism for resolving disputes in the consumption of agricultural resources to give play to the rural grass-roots business offices. The function of the company is to solve disputes over agricultural product consumption in a timely manner, paying special attention to solving group complaints caused by the consumption of agricultural resources, effectively safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of peasants, and maintaining social stability. It is necessary to strengthen guidance on rights protection for peasants who know the fakes and guard against falsification, and strive to improve the peasants' self-protection capabilities.
It is necessary to effectively strengthen the communication and coordination of inter-regional work information, and to discover case clues of counterfeit and inferior agricultural capital across regions and provinces. It is necessary to promptly notify the administrative authorities for industry and commerce in jurisdictions and improve the effectiveness of law enforcement. Under the unified leadership of local party committees and governments, it is necessary to strengthen coordination and cooperation with the development and reform commission, commerce, agriculture, quality inspection, and other departments to form a regulatory joint force.

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