The State Administration for Industry and Commerce urgently deployed supervision of the agricultural capital market

Beijing, June 4th, correspondent Yao? In view of the varying degree of tension in the supply of coal, diesel, and electricity in some regions, the prices of chemical fertilizers and other agricultural products have continued to rise and are under pressure to continue rising. The State Administration for Industry and Commerce today. Issued an "Emergency Notice on Further Strengthening Supervision of the Agricultural Asset Market".
The notice requires industry and commerce authorities at all levels to take the main areas of agricultural production, the main areas of agricultural capital, and the high-incidence areas of agricultural capital cases as the inspection priorities; the necessary agricultural resources for agricultural production such as nitrogen fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, potash fertilizer, urea, compound fertilizer, and compound fertilizer. As the focus of inspections, it will focus on cases that have a large impact and seriously endanger agricultural production. Severe investigations will be made on the behavior of producing and selling counterfeit agricultural materials and pits to ensure the safety of agricultural materials consumption.

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