Three Factors Constraining the Development of Dryers in China

At present, conventional drying is still the main form of drying in China at this stage. Compared with developed countries, domestic dryers still have a certain gap between quality and technology.
The lack of theoretical research is a major bottleneck restricting the development of dryers in China. The physical properties of the materials to be dried are varied, and only a few drying equipments cannot meet the needs of production.

The dryer equipment companies still lack a qualified experimental process. Drying is a very experimental technique. No matter if it is theoretical research or drying equipment manufacturing, experimental methods are indispensable. Through experiments, theorists can summarize many rules in the drying process. Dryer equipment recycling factories determine various process parameters through experiments. So far, neither the drying plant nor the theoretical research unit has a perfect experimental base.

The reason for this is that many organizations neglected the importance of experimentation. Some dryer equipment factories do not even have a set of experimental devices. They have great blindness in equipment design. At present, the weak experimental methods are mainly in these aspects. First, the equipment manufacturers have insufficient understanding of the experimental process and consider it dispensable. The second is that there are many types of experimental devices, and the investment is huge. The non-general enterprises can afford it. The establishment of a sound experimental base is a top priority for China's drying technology research. The third is the lack of experimental personnel, the analysis of experimental results is weak. Some companies do not have a technical person, and they do not even have drawings during the production process. They rely on the estimation and experience of the mechanical processing personnel to produce equipment worth hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars. This phenomenon is not uncommon in the drying equipment industry. .

The other reason that restricts the development of the dryer industry is that although there are numerous dryer equipment manufacturers in China, these plants are mainly concentrated in several regions. An important reason for the concentration of a large number of low-level companies is to facilitate imitation. Dozens or even nearly 100 companies produce the same model, causing you to do what I can do. You can't do it or I can't do it. The specifications and promotional materials of each company are exactly the same, and the contents are strikingly similar. Patented products are rare. The result of this situation can be imagined.

To solve the existing problems in the dryer industry, the entire dryer industry has emerged from the costly mimicry and price war difficulties, and it is only from the basic theoretical research, automation technology and other fields that we devote ourselves to meticulously cultivating ourselves. Independent innovation capability.

The low level of automation of domestic dryer equipment and the lag in control means are common problems. With regard to the current level of automation, it is not difficult to solve the control problem in the dryer equipment, but the lack of a reasonable combination of automatic control technology and dryer equipment. As mentioned earlier, different materials have different requirements for dryers. Similarly, there are major differences in the requirements for control methods for different materials.

The role of automatic control in the dryer is well-known, but its one-time investment is also a matter of most concern to people. Sometimes the investment in controlling dryer equipment exceeds the investment in the mechanical part of the dryer. It is also the subject that research should be carried out to determine a reasonable control plan for dryers and drying process requirements and to determine appropriate control measures for specific drying projects.

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