·Tianjin: It will be used to rent new generations to develop new energy buses.

It was learned from the Tianjin Leasing Industry Association and the Tianjin Public Transport Group that Tianjin, as a pilot city for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles in the country, will purchase 500 new energy electric vehicles through leasing, with a total value of 750 million yuan.
In recent years, the leasing industry has played an important role in promoting urban infrastructure construction. Especially in the fields of subway light rail, green bus, sewage treatment, energy-saving power generation, etc., the one-time investment of funds is too large, and through the involvement of leasing companies, local governments or related enterprises “buy on behalf of rent” can not only promote urban construction, but also promote urban construction. Can ease the pressure on fiscal expenditure.
According to reports, the procurement will determine the cooperative leasing enterprises through competitive bidding. At present, six leasing companies have actively participated in the bidding.

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