Tips. Large knowledge acid pump selection tips

Acid pump should be how to choose it? Here is a trick, the first thing you want to see is the delivery of acid, the following describes several types of common acid pump selection method:
1, Hydrochloric acid pump commonly used hydrochloric acid maximum concentration of 38%, so, hydrochloric acid pump is basically as long as the overcurrent component material is plastic on the line, but if from the life, cost and other aspects to consider, you can use FSB fluorine Alloy centrifugal pump or CQB-F magnetic pump, the price of these two pumps, the performance is satisfactory.
2, Sulfuric acid pump Sulfuric acid pump is divided into dilute sulfuric acid pump and concentrated sulfuric acid pump, the former can choose a larger range, dilute sulfuric acid pump can choose engineering plastic pump, ceramic pump, or F46 pump, F26 pump, the latter Sulfuric acid pump) can only choose fluorine plastic (F46) pump, because the concentrated sulfuric acid will corrode ordinary engineering plastics, but the fluorine plastic will not be corroded. Also note that the high density of concentrated sulfuric acid, pump power when the pump should pay attention to the allocation of large, simple algorithm for the "shaft power" * 1.84 is the shaft power delivery concentrated sulfuric acid.
3, hydrofluoric acid hydrofluoric acid is very corrosive, it is recommended to use fluorine plastic magnetic pump, (and must be the series of ceramic pump parts replaced by hydrofluoric acid-resistant material)
4, nitric acid nitric acid pump also recommended the use of fluorine plastic magnetic pump, and rubber seals to be replaced by PTFE material.
5, acetic acid It is one of the most corrosive substances in organic acids, ordinary steel in all concentrations and temperatures of acetic acid will be severely corrosive, stainless steel is an excellent anti-acetic acid material, 316 stainless steel containing molybdenum can also be suitable for high temperature and Dilute acetic acid steam. For high temperature and high concentration of acetic acid or other corrosive media and other harsh requirements, the choice of high-alloy stainless steel or fluorine plastic magnetic pump. Such as CQB magnetic pump, CQ316L stainless steel magnetic pump
6, salt water (sea water)
Ordinary steel in sodium chloride solution and seawater, salt water corrosion rate is not too high, generally need to use paint protection; various types of stainless steel also have a low uniform corrosion rate, but may cause localized corrosion due to chloride ions, usually 316 stainless steel Better, but the higher the price, it is recommended to use fluorine plastic centrifugal pumps, such as IHF chemical centrifugal pump.
7, Sealed seal form: Magnetic pump is a static seal, so you can not consider the sealing, and centrifugal pumps generally use external bellows mechanical seal, the corrosion resistance and wear resistance are better, such as the delivery of the media containing particles, then Hard to hard mechanical seals can be used.

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