Triggering the "Butterfly Effect" Promoting Agricultural Supply-side Reform by Introducing Freeze-dry Technology in Northern Fujian

In recent days, the introduction of a new technology has become a “lever” that has spurred the development of modern agriculture in northern Fujian. This technology has laid an important pawn for the structural reform of Chongqing's agricultural supply side.

This technology is the "freeze-drying technology" introduced by Chongqing Changlong Industry (Group) Co., Ltd., which is located in the innovation economic corridor. It will bring about a multi-dimensional and highly effective "butterfly effect" to the agricultural industry in North Fujian.

This technology can transform fresh agricultural products such as fresh fruits into industrial products through deep processing. It not only breaks the “bottleneck” of agricultural product storage, but also prolongs the product cycle, and can significantly increase the added value of agricultural products. Oubei successfully explored a " The one-stop development of production, sales, and labor (agricultural products, industrial products, and sales) will effectively promote the structural reform of the supply side of agriculture in the north of Fujian.

From "traditional drying" to "vacuum freeze-drying"

"The lemons processed through the 'freeze-drying technique' have all sublimated water and retained all nutrients. The market is very well sold!" Tan Zonghua, head of Chongqing Changlong Industry (Group) Co., Ltd., told reporters: "Using vacuum freezing After drying, the processed lemon slices lose moisture, and the 'value' does not change, the size is uniform, the original taste of lemon is retained, the lemon tea brewed out is especially fragrant, and the lemon slices do not add any preservatives. Saved in four seasons."

In the company's production workshop, the reporter visited the entire process of washing fresh lemon fruit from the use of purified water to machine slicing, low-temperature lyophilization, and manual packaging. He picked up a slice of lemon just out of the oven and gently used his fingers. At a glance, the dried lemon slices break off brittlely.

Where is the lemon processed by vacuum freeze-drying technology?

“Traditional processing of lemon slices mainly uses drying technology, which leads to the loss of large amounts of vitamins and other nutrients in the process.” Tan Zonghua said that the “vacuum freeze-drying” technology now adopted overcomes this disadvantage. , can retain all the nutrients of lemon.

According to reports, vacuum freeze-drying technology (referred to as "freeze-drying technology") is a high-tech processing technology imported from abroad and is considered to be the best processing method for producing high-quality dehydrated foods. The principle is that under the vacuum state, the principle of sublimation is adopted so that the moisture in the pre-frozen material does not pass through the thawing and melting process of ice, but directly sublimates from the ice state to remove the water vapor, so that the material is rapidly dried at a low temperature state. , known as "vacuum freeze-drying", referred to as "lyophilized."

Tan Zonghua said that the foods produced by this method are referred to as freeze-dried foods, which avoids the defects such as discoloration, bad taste, large loss of nutrient components and poor rehydration caused by traditional drying technologies, and has the advantages of maintaining the shape, color and fragrance of the original food. The same taste, nutrition, rehydration, light weight, can be stored at room temperature and other advantages.

Therefore, lyophilized foods are very well sold in the market and their prices are higher than that of dried foods. At present, the company has successfully processed freeze-dried foods such as lemon slices, blooms, and citrus slices, which have been popular with consumers since its launch.

From "seasonal sales" to "seasonal sales"

For a long time, seasonal fruits such as Xiantao, plum, pear, blueberry, red bayberry, and strawberry produced in the Yubei district can only be concentrated on the market due to short seasonality and storage time, which often leads to fruit dumping.

“I have been planting bayberry for some years. Besides producing fresh bayberry wine and producing bayberry wine, I also want to make more bayberry products. However, I suffer from lack of processing technology and can only be deterred.” Yang Fuchang, grower of Yangmei Miao Village, Xinglong Town, told reporters Liu Fugui , Due to the lack of processing technology, it affected the development and growth of the bayberry industry.

In the development of the agricultural industry, there are many farmers who are confused by Liu Fugui. With the introduction of freeze-drying technology, the agricultural production structure in Yubei District is changing quietly.

“In the northern part of Hubei, the “freeze-drying technology” has been introduced. The Yangmei we planted can be sold in the future.” Liu Fugui grinned with joy when he understood the benefits of “freeze-drying technology”. He said that due to the short preservation time of Yangmei fresh fruit, it will be rotted if it is not sold in the short term, which is a pity. With the "freeze-drying technology", the sales of products will not be deterred. This will give him more confidence in the development of the industry.

What makes growers even more excited is that in addition to processing fresh-selling fruits, the “freeze-drying technology” can also process agricultural products such as Chinese herbal medicines. The person in charge of the District Agriculture Commission stated that the next step will rely on the technology to expand the “freeze-dried” processing scope of agricultural products, prolong the sales cycle of more agricultural products, avoid the phenomenon of mass sales leading to the phenomenon of slow sales, and help promote the “multiplying plan” for farmers. Implementation.

From "regular income" to "value-added benefits"

"You guessed, how many times has the value been increased by a pound of fresh lemon to a pound of freeze-dried lemon slices?" During the interview, Tan Zonghua gave the reporter a question.

See the reporter did not guess, talk Zonghua grinned: "You can not think of it! Value has increased nearly 3 times."

Tan Zonghua said that the company currently processes lemons from the high-quality fruit bases of the ancient agricultural company Changyue Group Co., Ltd. of Gulu Town. The local ecological environment is excellent, the natural conditions are good, and the quality of lemons is also good. In the past, because of the backward processing technology, it was always Can not afford a good price. Later, with the support of the District Agriculture Committee, the company introduced advanced domestic production equipment and built a vacuum freeze-drying line for fruits and vegetables and Chinese herbal medicines in accordance with the standards for the purification industry of the pharmaceutical industry to perform deep processing on lemons.

"The value of lemon that has undergone deep processing through the freeze-drying technique can be increased by at least three times," said Tan Zonghua, picking up a piece of lyophilized lemon.

The gorgeous turn of lemon is a precursor to the transformation of a large number of agricultural products in the Yubei District from "ordinary" to "new".

"In the past, the production of bayberry, lemon, strawberry, citrus and other fruits, because of the lack of processing links, restricted the sales route, and now it is different. After processing through the "freeze-drying technology," a large number of agricultural products can be transformed into "good quality" industries. "Products can be exported for sale abroad." The person in charge of the District Agriculture Commission stated that Yubei District is currently implementing deep processing and development of agricultural products on the basis of fresh fruit sales, and will increase the added value of agricultural products through the construction of a batch of aviation food production lines and increase the number of farmers. Planting income. At the same time, after the agricultural products have been transformed into industrial products, they can also increase tax revenue in the north of Anhui Province and promote the development of the local economy.

In addition, compared with other districts and counties in Chongqing, Oubei has a unique advantage - adjacent to Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport. The person in charge of the District Agriculture Commission stated that relying on the introduction of the “freeze-drying technology”, Weibei will allow more and more agricultural products to be transformed into “aviation foods” and then enter the world market.

Interview notes

Let science and technology help farmers jump out of the "rich harvest" cycle

In Qian County, Shaanxi Province, 30 million pounds of pears cannot be sold, but in Henan and Shandong, thousands of acres of garlic are smashed in the fields... Last year, the news about the sluggish sales of agricultural products all over the country came to press from time to time. Operators engaged in the agricultural industry seem to be unable to escape “more harvests, The more serious the loss, the dilemma.

In fact, when the harvest of agricultural products meets the objective conditions such as unfavorable weather and poor traffic, the products that the farmers have worked so hard to sell can only be sold off, and some even rotten in the ground.

The "freeze-drying technology" can not only break down the barriers to the development of the agricultural industry, but also allow farmers to jump out of the "rich harvest is not a good harvest" cycle, but also broaden the path of development of the agricultural industry, is undoubtedly an encouraging and good thing.

From this point of view, to achieve a fundamental solution to the difficulty of increasing farmers' income, it is necessary to industrialize agriculture in planting, but also to enable deep processing of agricultural products in technology, and it is also necessary to do a good job of selling large articles on sales. To solve the big problem of increasing production and not increasing income, we must work together. (Reporter Wang Siyang’s correspondent Zhang Zemei)

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