Turquoise production process

Turquoise production process

Turquoise quickly captures the market of colored gemstones with its unique charm. However, many people do not know the scarcity of turquoise resources, the difficulty of mining, and the poor ratio of poor quality, so turquoise is widely favored in the market. It’s not just because of resource control, market demand, and other human factors, but because turquoise is one of the four famous Chinese jade, because of its natural beauty, noble and cool, rich and elegant, let’s take a look at Green. The splendid process of turquoise from wool to jewels: the mines are generally on steep and steep mountains, there is no way to go, the mines are dangerous, and the mining difficulty is beyond imagination!


When buying wool in the mountains, the original stone is all wrapped in black mud, generally not allowed to wash, so there is a strong gambling, to have a sharp eye and unique experience to dare to start, the following batch of material has been cleaned Several times,


We selected one of the original stone wools with a slightly better shape and a slightly better quality.


Weighed 48 grams, but unfortunately forgot to take pictures, start cutting on the cutting machine, cut a large shape and make a bucket of beads.


Weighed 22 grams and we have cut off more than half of the weight. The loss is big enough, and there is no bottom in it. Next, we change the machine and continue to polish the shape.


Basically formed, but there are pits in some places. In order to make the overall effect, it is necessary to lose weight overall. It is so painful. It is all the money that is worn away. Continue to polish.


The semi-finished products are basically formed. Next, the holes are drilled for the convenience of polishing.


The next step is to start sandpaper. The industry is commonly known as “sanding sand”. The square sandpaper needs to be hand-cut into a round shape. It is attached to the sand table. The sandpaper is generally from 240 mesh to 8000 mesh. The process is very complicated.


After the final 8000 mesh fine sandpaper was finished, it was basically completed. A raw ore barrel bead was born. I am looking forward to it. Let’s take a look at the finished product.


The weight of the finished product is only 13 grams, from 48 grams to 13 grams. The finished product price can be calculated by yourself, plus the damage, the tail goods, and other factors, the cost per gram needs to increase a few extra About ten yuan!


How about the quality of this raw ore barrel bead product, of course, not every finished product made of wool is so beautiful, it is possible that you see it like this.


And after cutting it is like this


What's more, there is no use value when it is mined. It is like a chicken rib, it is tasteless, and it is a pity.


Therefore, the precious stone is precious, the resources are scarce, and play and cherish it!

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