·Used car e-commerce vehicle detection is difficult

Used car detection technology has become a hurdle for second-hand car e-commerce. It is reported that the description of the used car sold on the 51 car website is inconsistent with the reality. The introduction information is a vehicle that has passed more than 200 tests and has no major accidents. It has been identified as a flooding car by a consumer at a third-party repair shop. At present, professional second-hand vehicle inspectors can not guarantee 100% of the vehicle condition information is accurate, but the e-commerce platform should reduce the risk of consumers' purchase of cars through strict pre-examination and post-sales service.
Standing on the slogan of "Internet +", the injection of capital has led to a burst of growth in the used car e-commerce industry last year. Youxin used cars, melon seeds used cars, and everyone's car through the overwhelming advertising has been well known by consumers. But even the current mainstream used car e-commerce platform, there are no shortage of accident car disputes.
Consumer Mr. Wang has experienced the process of selling cars for many used car e-commerce platforms. He said, "Some testers just start taking photos and uploading information by simply watching them. They are slightly responsible for testing with the detector, or testing two laps, but it is not very authoritative."
At present, many used car e-commerce companies have played a reliable, reliable slogan to attract consumers, which requires e-commerce platform to have stricter procedures for the detection of used cars.
According to industry insiders, it is only the most basic part of vehicle detection through visual observation of second-hand car conditions. More detailed inspections also need to “sit on the shelves” and cooperate with electronic equipment testing. The used cars have the problem of “one car and one condition” and are detected. The situation is complicated and there are high requirements for the inspectors.

Control handleplastic handle

The handle is a kind of mechanical accessory, which is convenient for workers to operate machinery. Mechanical accessories industry handles have two main types of materials are plastic, steel parts. Steel parts are machined by machine and differentiated from castings. The Plastic Handle is divided into thermoset plastic and thermoplastic plastic.
According to handle material is divided into: bakelite handle, iron handle, zinc alloy handle, steel handle and so on.
According to the working performance of the handle, it can be divided into: handle, turning handle, locking handle, adjustable handle, folding handle, handle sleeve, handle lever, handle seat, swinging handle, three-ball handle, etc.
According to the handle shape can be divided into: handle, straight handle, turn the handle of surface, turn the handle of the little turn the handle, the steel chrome plated handle, handle the seventh, peulthai the (adjustable set handle), folding handle, long handle, the handle cover, oval handle cover, handle the ball, rod, joystick, disc handle, lock handle, positioning controller, three goals, positioning joystick, ball head, oblique cone column joystick, etc.

Plastic Injection Control Handle

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