What are the advantages of explosion-proof anti-corrosion plastic fluorescent lamps?

Explosion-proof anti-corrosion plastic fluorescent lamps are widely used in lighting, oil refining, chemical, pharmaceutical, military, offshore oil platforms and other places for lighting purposes. At present, 90% of products on the market are explosion-proof and anti-corrosion plastic fluorescent lamps. What are the characteristics of explosion-proof anti-corrosion plastic fluorescent lamps?

1, with a well-known brand fluorescent tubes, long life, high light efficiency;

2. According to the lamp type supporting company special explosion-proof ballast;

3, set up a convenient and quick way to open, press the label to open the opening mechanism to open the lid;

4, built-in isolation switch, when the product is opened automatically cut off the power, improve product safety performance;

5. Fluorescent lamps with emergency devices automatically switch to emergency lighting when power supply lines lose power;

6, glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester molded shell, with high strength and impact resistance, corrosion resistance and other excellent performance.

The above is about the advantages of explosion-proof anti-corrosion plastic fluorescent lamps, more information about explosion-proof anti-corrosion plastic fluorescent products, please contact us.

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