What are the methods for evaluating used car prices?

One of the more critical aspects of second-hand car trading is the evaluation of used car prices, which is related to the determination of the sale price of vehicles and the amount of tax paid. Therefore, the valuation of used cars is a very technical matter. So what are the main methods for assessing used car prices? Take a look at the specific introduction.


First, it is estimated by the age of the vehicle. The basic method for the evaluation of the used car price is to estimate the value through the years of use of the vehicle and to estimate the depreciation of the year through the price of the new car. The calculated price is closer to the current market price. For example, we know that the current market price of this car without major changes, and then calculate the depreciation price based on the number of years of use, the first year in accordance with 20%, from the second year to the end of the five years every year is 100 Tenths of the year are followed by annual conversions of 7%. The calculation of such percentages is based on international practice and our experience accumulated in practice. Relatively speaking, the results of the calculations are relatively accurate.

Second, it is estimated by the number of kilometers traveled. The assessment of used car prices can also be calculated by the mileage of the vehicle, because the number of vehicle mileage represents the wear of the vehicle. Based on this, the calculation of the valuation is also reasonable. The specific operating method is calculated by the effective life of the vehicle. For example, if the useful life of the vehicle is 400,000 kilometers, it is divided into five phases. Each phase is 80,000 kilometers, and the corresponding value of the new car corresponds to the value of the vehicle. The number of kilometers is at which stage, and then the value of used cars can be calculated accordingly.

Third, estimates are made through the replacement of new car prices. This method is relatively more qualitative than a little, suitable for a rough estimate. According to the price of new car used car to see how much it can compensate for the loss, and then use the price of the new car minus this part of the compensation and depreciation of money is the price of used cars. This method is not very detailed, because depreciation seems different to different people, so it is only suitable for qualitative analysis of the price of a used car.

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