What is a mobile stage car

With the improvement of living standards, people also need spiritual needs while pursuing material needs. Spiritual needs refer to people’s pursuit of culture and art. Spiritual needs are not limited by age. Whether young people or children have their own spiritual needs, in a sense, spiritual needs are sometimes more important than material needs. The forms of culture and art are varied, and a performance can also bring people spiritual satisfaction.


The presentation of the performance needs to set up a stage, which requires the selection of places and the construction of the stage. After the performance is completed, the stage will be demolished. The preparation required for these performances requires a certain amount of physical and financial resources for a performance team. For a team that often performs everywhere, a mobile stage car can eliminate the need to build a stage, reduce the cost and expense of the stage, and set up the stage. Where is the mobile stage car, where is the car on the stage. The equipment in the car saves the procedures for setting up the stage. The operation is simple and the functions are complete. These mobile stage cars are divided into large, medium and small types of cars according to the size of the stage area. According to the style of the floating stage cars, there are LED mobile stage cars and merchandise exhibition and mobile stage cars. Although the size and style of these mobile stage cars are different, the structure inside the car is similar to the equipment deployed. Each configuration of each mobile stage car has its own function, and each one is indispensable.

The development of a mobile stage car also has different characteristics. According to the different car surfaces deployed in the carriage, it is divided into single exhibition, two exhibitions and three exhibitions. Single-stage mobile stage car is only to open the single side of the car, the top half of the car can increase the billboard; two stage mobile stage car is the two sides of the car to form the stage; the three stage mobile stage car makes full use of the side panels in the car. Expand to maximize the entire stage. Different stages of development form a different size, and each user can determine the size of the stage based on the number of people performing on stage.

Twisting Machine For Long Fiber

The twisting Machine is used for Long Fiber.

Twisting Machine For Long Fiber is very easy to operate, and easy for maintenance.

Winding bobbin can be suitable with tube type, electric forming with servo motor, PLC program control electric anti-overlap exactly, avoid yarn overlap,increase the unwinding efficiency of after production efficiency.
Innovative electric driving system,protection system can keep machine with same processing after power off suddenly.

Twisting Machine For Long Fiber

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