What should be paid attention to when driving in a rainy day

With the advent of summer, more and more thunderstorms have emerged, which has brought security risks for rainy days. Since rain will reduce the friction of the brakes, the adhesion between the tires and the ground will also decrease. Therefore, during the rainy season, you should pay attention to safe driving. Do not slam on the brakes or emergency brakes to prevent the skidding vehicles from losing control. The consequences are unthinkable. What are the precautions for driving in the rain?


The first point is that high-speed highways should not be overly fast when it is raining. Because of the reduced braking friction, the braking distance will be prolonged. Therefore, rapid deceleration is not timely and is likely to be dangerous. Should avoid stagnant water, because the speed of the vehicle splashes quickly, so that the engine is easy to enter the water, causing damage to the car, but it can not take the right way to dodge the right way, on the highway speed is faster, if you change the road If it is too fast or too frequent, it will cause disturbance to the rear vehicles. If there is a sudden accumulation of water, it will slam on the brakes. The rear vehicle will have no reaction time and it is also a very dangerous move that will cause harm to oneself and others.

The second point is that the rainy day is a high incidence of traffic accidents, and its visibility is affected. The rainy day driving precautions are that when the rain falls, the temperature will drop, causing the front windshield to produce water mist, affecting the driver's sight, and When it rains, it is easy for rainwater to stay on the windows and rearview mirrors so that the driver can't see the road conditions. These are the problems that need to be solved. You can buy a pair of flashing boards on the rearview mirror so that the rain will not When you go down to the rearview mirror, you can't see the rear case. And for rainy days, there is a water-repellent agent on the market that allows rainwater to slide down quickly. Using these methods can make rain travel no longer a headache and is safe and effective.

The above are the precautions of driving in rainy days. If you can drive steadily on a rainy day, if you move forward at a constant speed, you will reduce the risk factor. Some drivers will be prone to irritability when you drive on a rainy day, so you are in a hurry. We need to control our emotions in this regard. Do not be in a hurry, calm driving has a great effect on the road safety nowadays. All the good things come from the mood, so that it is civilized to drive and safety first. Is the current rate of traffic accidents going to decrease?

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