Which is better for diesel cars and gasoline cars?

With various types of cars gradually moving toward the homes of ordinary people, the speed of rising oil prices has been very fast in recent years. When buying cars, the cost of fuel has become one of the important factors that must be considered. So many car owners tend to tangled up with diesel cars and gasoline cars when buying cars. Which one is better? Here's a simple comparison of these two different types of cars!


First of all, from the perspective of fuel-efficient, many car owners who have used diesel cars have said that the amount of diesel fuel is much smaller than that of gasoline vehicles. From the engine point of view, it is easy to find the reason for the lower fuel consumption of diesel vehicles. Diesel engines are compression-ignited, and the engines of the oil vehicles are all ignition-type. Obviously, the compression-type energy conversion ratio is more than that of ignition. The type is much higher, and the thermal efficiency of diesel combustion is higher than that of gasoline.

Secondly, considering from the perspective of power, in the same displacement, diesel vehicles are obviously more powerful and stronger when they are starting and climbing. Because of the comparison with gasoline, diesel is less volatile and its power is greater. Through this comparison, it will be found that diesel vehicles have obvious advantages in terms of power and fuel economy, but most consumers will buy gasoline vehicles when they purchase vehicles.

One of the main reasons is that the refueling of diesel vehicles is relatively inconvenient. Gasoline vehicles only need to add corresponding oil products according to the label. However, when the diesel temperature is relatively low in winter, it is necessary to select the corresponding negative diesel fuel, and the diesel fuel is easily frozen inside the fuel tank and cannot be used normally, which brings great inconvenience to driving. The most critical point is that many large-scale vehicles in China are diesel-powered, so they have to line up with these vehicles when refueling, and the time spent is relatively long. Therefore, petrol and diesel have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is recommended that riders choose according to their actual conditions.

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