Wuhan has become an important base for Foggia's seating system

With the official opening of Foggia (Wuhan) Automotive Seat Industrial Park, Folgaria, the world’s sixth-largest auto parts supplier, has become more and more intent on integrating the capabilities of its seat systems in China. At the opening ceremony, Rudy Kereda, executive vice president of Faurecia Automotive Seating Systems, wrote two Chinese characters for "benchmarking" using Chinese traditional brush. "Foerge plans to build the industrial park into a benchmarking factory for car seating systems in China." Keruida expressed hope for this vision without hesitation.

Integrated business prepares for capacity expansion

After Folgaria (Wuhan) Automotive Seating Industrial Park is completed, Faurecia's existing two seat factories in Wuhan are Foggia Quanxing (Wuhan) Automotive Seating Co., Ltd. and Faurecia (Wuhan) auto parts. System Co., Ltd. has moved into the park, mainly providing car seats and skeleton products for Shenlong Motors and Nissan Motors. The park is equipped with a seat system design and development center, and cutting-edge, foaming, masks and other more products and technologies will also be landed in the park.

During the visit to the industrial park, the reporter learned that Foggia (Wuhan) Auto Parts System Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as skeleton plant), which mainly manufactures car seat skeletons, is a sole proprietorship for Faurecia. Currently, it is mainly included in the same park. Foggia Quanxing and other three automobile whole chair factories are available. The end customers are Dongfeng Shenlong, Dongfeng Nissan and Zhengzhou Nissan. Foggia Quanxing (Wuhan) Car Seat Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the entire chair factory) is a joint venture between Foglia and Taiwan Quanxing. Foggia holds 51% shares. Currently, it is mainly supplying Dongfeng Shenlong with automobiles. The whole chair.

The current capacity of the skeleton plant is about 400,000 sets, and in process technology, 70% of the seat skeletons will be laser welded in the next three years. The current capacity of the entire chair factory is more than 300,000 sets. With the expansion of the Dongfeng Shenlong business and the addition of new product projects, it will also usher in a new rising period together with the skeleton factory.

According to the person in charge of the factory, as the main customers are mostly in Wuhan, after the two seat-related companies are integrated in one park, they are more conducive to realizing zero-inventory JIT and timely production operations. In the factory's workshop, the large electronic map board can clearly observe the current position of the third-party logistics delivery vehicle, and can better manage the supply chain.

Customer Satisfaction Is Foglia Advantage

As one of Folgaria Group's four major businesses, the car seat system currently has two main products: one is the skeleton, that is, the entire metal structure; the second is the entire chair. In Foglia's global sales of 17.4 billion euros in 2012, the car seat group had sales of 5 billion euros. According to Correda, Foglia's entire automotive seating product line has been vertically integrated, from the components of the equipment to the skeleton and the entire chair, and some other components have also been integrated, such as cutting, sewing, headrests, Handrails, foam, electronic modules and comfort modules. At present, from the global market share of products, the skeleton and chair business are ranked first and third in the world respectively.

Turning to Foggia's technical advantages in car seat systems, Correda said that Foggia currently has two priorities for innovation: First, weight reduction; second, intelligent comfort. In terms of seat skeletons, Foggia focuses on versatile and shared skeleton design and innovation. The important part of Foggia's core product is the adjustment device in the skeleton, and it has completed the research and development of the next generation of products. . The new product has reduced the weight under the premise of enhancing the quality and safety. For the skeleton itself, the main breakthroughs and innovations are twofold: one is material, and the other is assembly method, that is, technology. Through these two efforts, Faurecia can provide customers with better quality and safer lightweight products. Kereda also emphasized that the safety aspect was originally a weakness of Faurecia, but in recent years there has been a breakthrough, that is, in the electric module, including the motor and the transmission gear structure, some small modular, and exquisite workmanship, improved. Overall security and quality.

In terms of chairs, Faurecia, like all competitors, needs to break through what is known as "perceived quality." Kerida admitted that in this regard the company may want to go further in the direction of the entire seat connectivity. Because the passengers on the seat now, whether it is the driver or the passenger, have put forward higher requirements on the enjoyment of the seat, including the seat and the external connection.

For technical advantages, the president of Foglia’s China region, Yu Lan, expressed more thorough: Foggia wants to go further than its competitors, because some competitors only think of the customer as the OEM, but Foglia thinks more of it. Consumers, because Faurecia ultimately provides value to consumers and satisfies consumers, it is in fact providing customers with value.

In this regard, Faurecia has a project specifically aimed at the Chinese market, namely the OASIS seat, which is a project specifically for the rear seats of cars.

Chinese market doubles its target within four years

In the Chinese market, Faurecia's seating system currently has 11 factories in China. It has three R&D centers, of which the largest one is in Shanghai. The main direction is the entire chair and skeleton; Wuxi’s R&D center focuses on the parts and components of the equipment. , mainly referring to slide rails and recliners; the third R&D center is cooperating with Jilin University in Changchun.

“Fargea’s market position in China is about the same as in the world. At present, our entire chair ranks third in the market, and the adjustment devices for the skeleton and car seats, including the recliners and slide rails, are the leaders. 1. Blue said that the entire car seat group has developed very fast in China, with a growth rate of 26% in 2013 compared to 2012. It is expected that in 2014 it will be at least 25% more than this year. According to him, half of the business growth comes from the natural growth of the Chinese auto market, and the other half will be new projects and businesses that Faurecia gets in the Chinese market. The reporter learned that the new projects and new business of Foglia Automobile Seat China market will still mainly come from the joint venture vehicle companies of European and American cars.

The reporter noticed that for the two automobile seat related factories of Foggia Wuhan Industrial Park, the R&D aspect is in addition to the global R&D forces of Foggia and Foggia's R&D centers in Shanghai and Wuxi, China, Wuhan Industrial Park. The two factories within have their own application R&D capabilities. Azure has stated clearly: “For Wuhan local, we will establish some small design and development and application centers, mainly for local customers.” In order to improve the local customers faster response and service capabilities.

As one of the six major automobile production bases in China, Wuhan has an extraordinary strategic significance for Faurecia. In 1994, Foggia Tongda Exhaust System Co., Ltd., Foglia's first joint venture plant in China, was first put into operation in Wuhan. By 2012, Foglia's total sales in China have reached 1.5 billion euros. Blue said that it is expected that by 2017 China will reach 25% of the total sales of the Group. China, as an important strategic market for Faurecia, is expected to reach 3.3 billion euros in 2016 based on sales of 1.8 billion euros this year.

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