Xugong's first bridge box integrated wheel excavator was successfully offline

Recently, the first XC150W integrated wheel excavator of XCMG was off the assembly line, marking the further improvement of XCMG's wheel excavation spectrum and becoming another sharp weapon for XCMG to open up the domestic and foreign wheel excavation market. The product is developed on the basis of 15 tons of wheel excavation. It adopts a bridge box integrated transmission method. The transmission is directly installed on the rear axle, which can not only protect the transmission, but also enhance the entire machine. The passability on the rugged mountain road; the front end of the lower frame is equipped with a bucket to put a bracket, and an oil cylinder protective cover is installed; the back end is equipped with a bulldozer, and the outriggers are optional, which effectively reduces the weight of the entire vehicle; Larger diameter slewing bearings provide better overall stability. In order to meet the market competition requirements under the new normal, Xugong excavated to speed up the development and testing of new products, continue to improve the spectrum of products, use the main and auxiliary product portfolio to develop the market, continue to promote product performance, and fully meet the global "multiple varieties, "Small-batch, customized" market demand. (This article from Xugong clicks into the Xugong Online Purchase page )

Xugong's first bridge box integrated wheel excavator was successfully offline

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