Yang Zaijun: The Chinese market needs low-end and single-row pickups

In the mid-1980s, Hebei Baoding ZTE (China's first self-developed pickup truck company) launched the “field” pickup truck. The main market for China is the vast rural market in China. Its well-known slogan is “488,000. The field opened and returned home.” At that time, in the national pick-up truck market, only ZTE’s “field” pick-up was the most prosperous. I remember that the author also conducted a second survey of Zhongxing Tianpi pickup trucks, and also carried out special surveys on the landscape market and products of “field” pickups in some areas of the country.

Imagine if there were no discriminatory vehicle management policies for pickup trucks, trucks, trucks, trucks, and trucks during the past year, perhaps the current pickup trucks may be even hotter than today's minibuses and SUVs, because the pickup trucks and trucks are integrated. With a relatively clear comparative advantage, it is the most suitable means of transport and delivery for the urban and rural residents. It is also a money-making machine that is very adaptable to meet the Chinese consumer car market.

Few of the country produced pick-up trucks at that time. The best-known names were Qingling pickup, Zhengzhou Nissan pickup, ZTE pickup and Great Wall pickup, and later Jiangling pickup and Huanghai Dandong pickup. In addition to joint-venture Qingling pickup, Zhengzhou Nissan pickup and Jiangling pickup, etc., other autonomous pickup trucks are basically economical low-end pickup trucks. Prices are generally around 50,000 yuan, and they are all carburetor-type engines. , not to mention one of the countries in Europe, its function and configuration regardless of joint venture or its own brand pickup is the same as the general is not flattered. However, the renminbi at that time was still quite worthwhile. At that time, 50,000 yuan was equivalent to today's 150,000 yuan. Therefore, an ordinary individual user could buy a light truck with only 30,000 renminbi at the time. Pickup trucks are also not easy. The majority of pickup trucks in that year were mainly group users in the special industry.

Domestic pickup trucks have gone through more than 20 years of ups and downs. Now whether the joint venture or the products of their own brand pickup manufacturers are moving towards the mid-to-high end or high-end development trend, Changan Automobile Company has launched 50,000. Below the dollar level, the electronic jet and the pickup truck type of the National IV emission standard run counter to the mainstream market development trend. The author does not agree with this view and point of view, but that this is the decision-making level of the Changan automobile wise and thoughtful, profound and far-sighted. It is undeniable that since Changan Motor Co., Ltd. has stepped out of the small mountain city of Chongqing, it has been plunging down the Yangtze River. In the past 30 years, it has been swept away by all the way to the city, and the small and medium-sized car companies that merged and reorganized, regardless of any new models Products are scientifically rigorous and predict to follow the laws of the market, and they have never missed one once. Basically, a new car can be successful at one time.

In the first five months of this year, Changan Automobile Co., Ltd. launched a new micro-card-derived Shenzhou F30 pickup truck with a price range of less than 50,000 yuan, which is basically equivalent to the price of many of today's very popular micro-subsidiary MPVs. Small light trucks are also selling at a similar price. Therefore, the absolute price advantage of Chang’an Eminent F30 pickups and the upcoming opening of pickup pickups into the city are undoubtedly the biggest beneficiaries of the moment. The Chang’an Equinox F30 and F50 pick-ups can be said to come as early as they did. .

If all parts of the country are completely banned after the pickup truck is brought into town, it can be determined that the biggest beneficiaries will be economical low-end pick-up trucks. The reasons are as follows: For pure personal home consumers, many people are multi-functional. Pickup trucks have been longing for. At present, the first passenger vehicle market in the relatively developed first and second-tier cities has saturated the passenger vehicle market. Many families have entered the era of second vehicle vehicles, plus the functions of pickup trucks and passenger vehicles. In the case of passenger and commercial vehicles, it is expected that many people will choose half-heavy and single-row economical low-end pick-up trucks as ordinary family vehicles, especially in the urban-rural area. At the same time, with the advancement of urbanization reform, the practical significance of the third and fourth-tier cities and rural markets is more significant and must be the largest social group. These groups will certainly be the greatest potential of the low-end pickup truck at the economic level in the future. client.

As a multi-functional vehicle, the high-end pickup does not depend solely on price, but also depends on its versatility, social recognition and popularity in many fields. According to the latest information, with the development of the economy, modern changes and upgrading of product features, the international market has been popular in recent years, a popular row of half-seat pickups, integrated cars and SUV elements, the vehicle design structure is more reasonable, trendy, The exterior design has both the sleek sensation of a car and the toughness, fashion, atmosphere, and toughness of an off-road vehicle. Another example is that single-row seated pickups in Taiwan and Southeast Asian countries are very popular. They can be seen everywhere on the road and form a unique landscape.

The biggest feature and advantage of half-pickup is that compared with the existing ordinary double-row, the wheelbase of the chassis lengthens accordingly. The lengthening of the wheelbase can move the center of gravity of the cargo loading to the center of the rear axle, which greatly enhances the stability. While the cab is double-opening, the indoor one-and-a-half seat design space is compact and reasonable. The rear seat can accommodate two people, and can meet various storage requirements, and expand the cargo room cargo space. At the same time as four occupants, the cargo capacity is larger than the standard double row seat. The vehicle design is golden sectioned, and the structure is more reasonable. It is trendy and stylish, with a beautiful appearance and unique features. This stylish model has become popular in the developed pickup market.

Large-seat single-row seats and small single-seat pickup trucks that are mainly loaded with cargo are currently not produced by domestic pickup trucks. They are mainly producing double-row pickup trucks and thus losing a large amount of single-row pickups. Market share, especially if the pickup truck market is extremely sluggish and there is a certain market demand in recent years, is it not a mistake and irrational not to produce single-row trucks?

Single-row seats are divided into large single row and small single row, both are mainly carried cargo, riding 2 people. Like other double-row and half-row pickups, it also has a sedan card that can be equipped with high-end comfort and luxury. In terms of quality, it is significantly higher than light trucks or micro-cargoes by 1-2 grades; in terms of physical performance, single-row pickup power, speed, displacement and off-road performance are much better than light-card micro-products; Because the pickup truck has a low chassis, it is safe to drive, and it is easy to load and unload. The volume and weight are larger than that of a minivan. Its advantage is that it is not only relatively low in price, but also more robust and durable, and it is favored and welcomed by young people from all walks of life, especially transportation and self-employed.

At the same time, the double-row pickup truck is the latest member of the domestic pickup truck company launched in recent years. It is based on the double-row pickup truck. On the exterior, the double row pickup is unique in that its wheelbase and cargo compartment are slightly longer than the standard double-row seat pickup on the market, but it is also shorter than the current lengthened pickup truck. The overall appearance is more harmonious and beautiful, safe and smooth, and gives people a brand new a feeling of. Although this model is currently beginning to gain popularity on the market, the Japanese market has the largest market share in the pickup market, and the segmentation market and development momentum are as fast as long truck pickups.

From last year to this year, the future of several mainstream and non-mainstream pickup truck companies, its body specifications compared to its current kingpin product comparison: body size has significantly increased the trend of widening, especially some of the extended trailer has reached 2 meters. In addition, its styling trend has captured the North American pickup shape design elements, with personality tough, stylish, atmospheric, and hazy, to enhance the off-road performance of the SUV and the comfort of the car as a whole. I expect that in the near future, driven by the market demand and the main cause of convergence with the international, single row seat pickups, a row of half-seat pickups and big doubles will be popular. The Chinese pickup market will present the trend of economical single-row seated pickup trucks, mid-to-high-end one-and-a-half, and mid-to-large two-seater pickup trucks. This is not only a result of a more detailed division of labor in the society, but also a market demand. It is the result of choice in market competition.

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