Youth Lotus moves from passenger cars to passenger cars and will localize L3

The use of half-parts imported (SKD) to produce more than a year's worth of Lotus cars, announced on September 18 that it will fully implement the localization of its "L3" models, with production bases in Jinan and Tai'an in Shandong. As a result, Pang Young, the chairman of Zhejiang Youth Group, fulfilled his wish to be deployed in the three major areas of the automobile, namely, cars, trucks and buses.

For Pang Youth, who started as a passenger car, the success of the commercial vehicle sector clearly became the capital for its entry into passenger cars. He admitted to the CBN reporter that the sedan project was spending 30 years of accumulation. “I have been in the company for 30 years, and all the money I make has been posted on Lotus.”

In order to realize the localization of Lotus Auto, Pang Young has laid out production bases in Jinan, Taian, Shandong, and Xiaoshan, Zhejiang. Among these production bases, Jinan and Tai'an bases have started to operate. Xiaoshan base, according to the timetable given by Pang Youth, the production time will be at the end of this year, and the products will be more high-end "5 Series, 6 Series, 8 Series, 9 Series".

The manner in which the categories of cars are divided is somewhat reminiscent of BMW, and what is even more interesting is the Lotus L3 model debuted on September 18, referred to as “3 Series”.

The “3 Series” sedan is a family-sized car that locates the A-Class. Compared with the “race” and “competition” in which young Lotus was imported and assembled in semi-parts, the “3 Series” upgraded some configurations, but The appearance changed little.

Even so, its localization rate is still not high, Pang said that the current 15% can be achieved domestically, while other parts are still imported from abroad. Localization is limited to interiors and other insignificant parts.

Prior to this, within the Youth Lotus, domestic production targets for domestic cars were set at 26%, but the UK Lotus, which is doing supply chain control, is obviously not satisfied with the domestic supply system, and this proportion is reduced by 9 percentage points. Will have to come to China from Malaysia again.

For Pang Youth, the good news is that since September 1, China has lowered the import tax rate with the characteristics of spare parts for the whole vehicle. The Lotus Motors will lose money to earn money and drink, and may not be able to “lose” too much fiercely.

At present, the number of domestic Lotus cars is 10,000, which is the result of more than one year of official sales. Faced with this situation, the capacity planning of the Jinan and Tai'an bases has reached 150,000 vehicles (the long-term 200,000 vehicles), while the production capacity of the Xiaoshan base has been planned to reach 300,000. Youth Lotus tried to further reduce the cost of bicycles through the amplification of production.

It is hard to imagine that an 85% car that relies on imports will need to compete with other opponents for the price of RMB 82,600 to RMB 125,600. The A-class market is the most competitive market in the country, and the young Lotus enters the auto market. Almost took part in this most brutal competition.

Pang Young obtained a production license for cars in 2004 when he took orders from Guihang Lark (currently Guizhou Youth Lotus Automobile Co., Ltd.). In the first three years, Pang Young failed to sell a car. Until 2006, he had cooperated with the British Lotus Company to avoid the embarrassment of permitting "squeezing."

In the following three years, in order to prepare for localization, Young Lotus chose the SKD assembly model. Pang Yang said that this method trained the production team, established a marketing network, and accumulated experience in producing cars.

Pang Yang describes a picture for CBN reporters. In the next 2 to 3 years, a new product will be introduced to the market every three months. These cars include both A0 and mid-to-high-class cars; both SUV and MPV products. , This may be another hurricane sudden advancement in Zhejiang car companies.

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