Zhengzhou Textile Machinery and Yancheng Shenfeng jointly developed a special special seal

Recently, the oil seal ring for JYAZL liquid ammonia finishing tank jointly developed by Zhengzhou Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. and Yancheng Shenfeng Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd. has succeeded, filling the blank of gas-liquid conversion device in soft sealing in China. . The JYAZL liquid ammonia finishing tank adopting the sealing ring is used for the weaving of military hemp fiber and yarn. The project was designed and manufactured by Zhengzhou Textile Machinery and successfully put into trial in Zhejiang Huili Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd. in December last year.

Liquid ammonia treatment as a high-grade finishing method is a new technology developed in the 1970s. At present, only Sanforized Company of the United States has a liquid ammonia treatment label under the brand “sanforset”. The main function of this technology is to liquid ammonia treatment of twisted hemp, cheese yarn and loose fiber to improve the performance of hemp fiber. The liquid ammonia treated hemp fabric has the advantages of soft hand feeling, smoothness, small damage, abrasion resistance, no ironing, and small shrinkage.

According to the technical staff of Zhengzhou Textile Machinery, the working pressure of JYAZL liquid ammonia finishing tank is 0.2Mpa, the medium in the tank is liquid ammonia, and the fabric is sorted in liquid ammonia. Due to the gas-liquid conversion of liquid ammonia, the tank The internal pressure and temperature are constantly changing, and the penetration of ammonia is extremely strong, so the sealing between the can lid and the can is very high. If ordinary compressed air soft sealing device is used, since the pressurized carrier of the common sealing ring is compressed air, if it encounters mechanical damage, manufacturing defects of the sealing ring or occasional power failure, it will inevitably cause air and ammonia to mix, causing explosion or gas ammonia. The consequences of overflow. If the seal is filled with other inert gases, the associated structure is very complicated and costly. After Zhengzhou textile machinery technicians calculated and demonstrated, it was finally determined that the sealing ring was soft-sealed by the principle of gas-liquid conversion, the charging carrier was frozen oil, and the sealing structure increased the auxiliary wing fin. The sealing ring used for JYAZL liquid ammonia finishing tank must be resistant to ammonia, oil, temperature, pressure, elasticity and anti-aging. In addition, the sealing ring has a large diameter of 1468 mm and the cross-section design is complicated. Each of the oil inlet pipe and the exhaust pipe, which are 80 mm apart, 8 mm in diameter and 60 mm in length, are very difficult to design and manufacture the sealing ring. Oil-filled seals that meet the above requirements are still blank in China.

After learning about this demand of Zhengzhou Textile Machinery, Yancheng Shenfeng Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd. took the initiative to send technicians to Zhengzhou Textile Machinery to jointly research, formulate solutions and undertake manufacturing work. In just 8 days, the company manufactured the first sealing ring according to the technical requirements of Zhengzhou Textile Machinery. Zhengzhou Textile Machinery is very satisfied with the trial results of the cross-sectional area and expansion ratio of the product, but the material of the sealing ring is still not satisfactory. After the improvement of the sealing ring material, the second sealing ring developed by the company was assembled on the liquid ammonia tank, and passed the 12-hour pressure holding test, which finally achieved success.

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